Wyca’s technical stack is proven, reliable and versatile

Our platform emphasizes the reuse of dependable building blocks to easily compose autonomous mobile robots ready to meet the exact needs of our users

Wyca robot process, workflow and settings

Proven vehicles

Wyca develops autonomous drivetrains - the building ground for your future AMR. Because they are the common denominator of all applications, they benefit from the global feedback gathered in very diverse environments

Wyca - Proven vehicles

Convenient building blocks

Creating a specific application above Wyca’s generic platform is child’s play

Developers either assemble pre-vetted components or they directly design their own. In every case, our software development kit and its examples lower the barrier to entry to the world of AMRs

Wyca - building blocks

Long-lasting value

During conception, our tools simplify continuous testing in virtual and real environments

After deployment, rigorous monitoring of the solutions allows for fulfilling the most demanding industrial needs, reliably

Wyca - long lasting value

Leverage Wyca’s platform and get started today on your AMR project!